My name is Anthony. My handle is Vivi The Mage, and this is my blog.

I also own and operate www.madgenius.com , come visit if you are looking for services :). If you want to reach out directly, send me an email vivithemage at gmail, or make a comment and I will respond!

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Hey, just wanted to write you a quick note saying your guide on the ACPI SMO8800 driver was both enlightening (I never knew such a technology was installed on this laptop – smart) and a one-stop shop to fix my problem.


I just wanna ask you about the question which u have posted some years back in a website,
“Is it possible to command line disable USB selective suspend setting in windows 8?”
Have you found the answer?
Actually I am writing a python script to disable USB selective suspend setting. Your hint will be really helpful for me,

Thank you,

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Thank you for your time.

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