Corsair 600T – Full Acrylic Side Panel

So, after a few cuts of my acrylic piece, Bill, the owner over at, came over to my place, and dropped it off! It looks really clean, and it fits perfectly….without further ado :

[zp src=”P1000125.JPG” album=”vivi/600T/acrylic” width=”500″]

[zp src=”P1000121.JPG” album=”vivi/600T/acrylic” width=”500″]

[zp src=”P1000123.JPG” album=”vivi/600T/acrylic” width=”500″]

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I have the same corsair 600T case (black). I’ll be ordering one of those acrylic side panel soon but with few adjustment like putting 2 holes for 120 mm fans to get more air inside. How many water pump do you have on it? I have xspc rasa rs240 water kit from I need to put another loop for my pny gtx 460 graphic card with EK Universal HF block.

I am not sure where you’re getting your Acrylic from…but mnpc will cut holes for you….they actually cut me a test one, but I opted for the full acrylic side. I have 2 pumps…2xD5’s. Purely for redundancy, one would work fine.


Did you supply the acrylic to MNPCTech along with a template or did they do it all? I have been struggling with a case that fits my needs and desires. If I can get the all acrylic side I think the 600T will end up the winner.

They did everything, the only thing I needed to supply was my door clips, once the final cut was cut. They just slide right off the original one, and onto the acrylic piece.

I think so, I would liek to get a 200mm hole in the side as well as 3 16mm holes for push switches to turn on the other goodies I have planned for this case

Hi ViVi!

Do you have the .pdf template they used to cut the panel with? We just got a laser printer at work and want to cut a side panel for my 600T ! Thanks for any help you can provide!

He actually used an old school rotor cutting machine, done 100% by hand, AFAIK no template was made at all. You could email and ask him, just link him to this and he’ll know what you are talking about.

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