ATI/AMD 6950 crossfire flicker at desktop and in games with 2 monitors

I have 2 x XFX 6950 2GB (reference) cards water cooled, great temps, great scores with a little overclock from within the CCC. I noticed a pretty bad flicker on both monitors when playing youtube/flash videos. I also noticed it when I was gaming (bad company 2, starcraft 2, League of Legends, etc). I tried new drivers (11.4, 11.5 + associated hotfixes), and I tried old 10.x drivers as well, with different crossfire profiles. I also tried running with 1 monitor, 1 gpu, etc.

The Fix :

Disable ATi overdrive in the CCC panel with driver 11.5 I am running solid, no more flickering! I then just use MSI Afterburner for my OC. I wrote a quick article on how to open up overclocking on there as well

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