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ATI/AMD XFX 6950 crossfire benchmarks – water cooled

I recently water cooled my XFX 6950 2gb reference cards. The specific model I am testing is (XFX HD-695A-CNFC AMD Radeon HD 6950 2G). I put on some XSPC water blocks, as with air and unlocked bios, they were hitting 95C + on load, which was worrying me.

hardware / test setup :

CPU : i5 2500k (also water cooled with an HK Supreme HF)
Motherboard : Asus P8P67 PRO
Case : Corsair 600T
PSU : Corsair HX1000
Memory : 4x4GB G.Skill DDR3 1600
GPU : 2x Reference 2GB XFX 6950’s shader unlocked and oc’d
Hdd : OCZ Solid 2 120GB

You can view the rest of the rig here :×6950/

The load temp will be running OCCT v3.1.0 for about 15 minutes.

Benchmarks – shader unlock bios only – 800/1250

idle – 38C (GPU1) 40C(GPU2)
load – 44C(GPU1) 46C(GPU2)
average fps – 635

Benchmarks – shader unlock bios and OC – 840/1325

load – 45C (GPU1) 47C(GPU2)
average fps – 650

Benchmarks – shader unlock bios and OC – 900/1400

load – 46C (GPU1) 49C(GPU2)
average fps – 675

Benchmarks – shader unlock bios and OC – 1000/1500


If you want me to test some games, let me know. I can always switch the BIOS back to stock as well.

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Hi, I am just now looking into water cooling my 6950. Been reading as much as I can and I guess what I am wondering is besides getting rid of noise what is the benefit for this card? You where not able to get any more OC out of it than it would have got without water cooling. The memory has nothing to do with the temps of the GPU and if you can’t go higher than 1400 then 1400 is too high since your memory performance starts to decrease slightly before it fails since it starts having small errors and has to do more checking and correcting which actually reduces the performance so for example if you cant get to 1450 then 1350 is probably where you want to stop.

To me besides getting rid of the fan sounds water cooling would be to get a higher voltage and a better GPU clock.

Where you able to increase the voltage and get over 1GHz on the clock?

Please don’t look as this question as an attack because it isn’t I am trying to convince myself to water cool my 6950 but this info isn’t helping since those numbers have nothing to do with the fact your water cooled it since you could have achieved all of those on air probably without overheating it. But I have a twinfrozr II and very cool case temps so I am running a lil cooler to begin with.

I never tried to push it too hard, but I am sure it could have gone a lot higher then what I did. I just did the 6970 flash and let it sit. I really liked water cooling, it’s fun, and it really does bring the noise/temps down.

I never tried increasing voltages either. I am not much over an OC’er, I just wanted a fun project, and the two 6950’s seemed like the right time to start some water cooling.

I had an issue with my cards though, even with the 6970 flash, during gaming, the cards were cooking .. 95C – 100C…it was worrysome. I played with OCing, but never documented anything either, but like I said … no voltage increase. The temps never left 4x C when gaming when they were on water, win to me.

I have since sold the two cards, and water cooling rig and went with a 680 GTX….or i’d do some tests for you :).

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