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Lenovo x220 BIOS 1.26 – fixes suspend problem

Looks like my Lenovo x220 got a new BIOS update!

official download link : 1.26 BIOS

changelog :

UEFI: 1.26 / ECP: 1.13
– (New) Allow to enable WWAN and WLAN device simultaneously.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue that might not resume from suspend state with combination of
specific CPU and BIOS setting for Intel Hyper-Threading Technology.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue where the maximum number of failed password attempts for WMI
was not 3.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue that error message is displayed when system is undocked from

UEFI: 1.25 / ECP: 1.13
– (Fix) Fixed an issue where SATA BIOS might return timeout error with
SATA compatibility mode.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue where updating BIOS might not be completed if it is
executed after resume.

UEFI: 1.24 / ECP: 1.13
– (Fix) Corrected a description of VERSION in this README document.

UEFI: 1.24 / ECP: 1.13
– (New) Improved memory resource allocation process to reserve more memory space
for optional hardware devices.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue that intranet account login failure for ThinkVantage
Hardware Password Manager.
– (Fix) Allowed system recovery from POST 191 error without loading setup defaults
in BIOS setup menu by press F9 key.

UEFI: 1.22 / ECP: 1.12
– (New) Add support for old type external fingerprint reader.
– (New) Add support an option to change product name and version format in
– (Fix) Fixed an issue where system boot might be slow with special condition.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue where system might be halt when some mobile phone is
attached on USB port.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue where system performance might be down in high stress
– (Fix) Fixed an issue where Flash Update utility fails when DEP (Data Execute
Prevention) is enabled.
– (Fix) Fixed an issue that Hard Disk Password is unintentionally enabled for eSATA
HDD on dock.

UEFI: 1.21 / ECP: 1.11
– (Fix) According to the smartphone issue below, following smartphones are tested:
Motorola: Droid 2, Droid X
HTC: Nexus One, EVO, Droid Incredible, Droid Incredible 2, ThunderBolt, Aria
Samsung: Captivate, Galaxy Tab<

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