How to move files that are older then x days in linux

I found this useful:
sudo find ./* -mtime +2 -exec mv {} /hosting/dropbox/ops/user/client/ \;
./* is the current directory, including all files, but you could use full path.
mtime +2 is 2 days old
mv is the command being executed
and after the brackets is the directory the files are moving to

Installing ImageMagick/Imagick on a cPanel Server

I was having issues with my Zen install not being able to handle large images, so I read around and decided to move image cache’ing over to ImageMagick, instead of the GD library. This is what you need to do to install/enble ImageMagick on your cPanel server :

You’ll need to be logged in as root on your VPS/Server :

1. Log into your server as root
2. Create a new directory as below :
mkdir /home/cpimins
3. cd /home/cpimins
4. wget
5. tar zxvf magick.tar.gz
6. cd magick
7. /scripts/installrpm ImageMagick
8. /scripts/installrpm ImageMagick-devel
9. sh ./install

Now we need to get the module for PHP installed :

Log into WHM >> Software >> Module Installers >> PHP Pecl and install imagick to get it binding to PHP properly.

After you do that, restart HTTPD/Apache service and you’re golden!

known issue with transferred domains :

If you do not see this in your php.ini file, or it not functioning properly, then you should go to the directory of the issue’d domain example : /home/domainuser/ and rename php.ini to php.ini.bak