Riverbed ROCKS!

At my day job, I was tasked with choosing what direction we were to go with on WAN acceleration. The choice was either adding a second T1 line, Cisco WAAS, and Riverbed. For many, many reasons we chose Riverbed over WAAS, or simply adding a second T1. We’ve seen almost a 5x speed increase, now that we have had some good data being sent.

Took us less then 10 days to get 19 appliances deployed at all of our remote branches. We had users actually deploy them, after writing up a how-to (that’s how easy it is to deploy!) Each branch only has a single T1, and this is what our WAN usage looks like after 2-3 months of usage….lots of bandwidth saved :).

All we have left now, is to remove remote servers (print serving, dns, dhcp, etc), and centralize personal drives (these are still on location).

The traffic we’re seeing the biggest reductions on is CIFS, NOTES, Exchange, and our local sharepoint site.

[zenphoto src=”riverbed.jpg” album=”blog/etc/” width=”500″ /]

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