How to change itunes account brithdate

I ran into an issue where a game decided I was only 18, and then wanted to verify that I did put in the right brithdate. I basically found a method to change my birth date for my iTunes account, which should prove helpful for some.

1) In a browser of your choice, go to :

2) Select Manage your account, which prompts you to log in.

[zp src=”itunes-manage.jpg” album=”blog/itunes-brithdate/” width=”600″]

3) Once signed in, select “Password and Security” option on the left.

[zp src=”itunes-passwordsecurity.jpg” album=”blog/itunes-brithdate/” width=”600″]

4) Then use the drop downs to change your brith day, month, and year if needed and hit save.

[zp src=”itunes-birthdate.jpg” album=”blog/itunes-brithdate/” width=”600″]

Voila! Hopefully someone finds this useful.

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