Colourised photographs by Sanna Dullaway 14

These pictures were posted on a few sites that are usually web sensed, so I posted them here. These are all done by Sanna Dullaway. I am just sharing!

Abraham Lincoln
[zp src=”abrahamlincoln.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]

Albert Einstein
[z[zp src=”alberteinstein.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]p>

Alfred Hitchcock
[zp [zp src=”alfredhitchcock.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]

The American Dream
[zp s[zp src=”americandream.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]p>Anne Frank
[zp src[zp src=”annefrank.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]attack on Pearl Harbor
[zp src=[zp src=”attackonpearlharbour.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]gust Strindberg
[zp src=”[zp src=”auguststrindberg.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]ing Monk (She said this was her first colorization photo)
[zp src=”bu[zp src=”burningmonk.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]s Darwin
[zp src=”char[zp src=”charlesdarwin.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]Chaplin
[zp src=”charli[zp src=”charliechaplin.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]a
[zp src=”chegueva[zp src=”cheguevara.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]ts
[zp src=”dorothycou[zp src=”dorothycounts.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]n
[zp src=”fridtiofnans[zp src=”fridtiofnansen.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]ath’, American Civil War
[zp src=”harvestofdeath[zp src=”harvestofdeath.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]> [zp src=”[zp src=”karinboye1933.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]zp src=”liverpool1909.jpg[zp src=”liverpool1909.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]c=”marktwain.jpg” alb[zp src=”marktwain.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]ea Lange
[zp src=”migrantmotherbydorothe[zp src=”migrantmotherbydorothealange.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]r at the Bikini Atoll
[zp src=”operationcrossroads.jpg[zp src=”operationcrossroads.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]src=”theodoreroosevelt.jpg” a[zp src=”theodoreroosevelt.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]cong.jpg” album=”blo[zp src=”vietcong.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]jday.jpg” album=”blog/old[zp src=”vjday.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]winstonchurchill.jpg” album=[zp src=”winstonchurchill.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600"]vit-1191155383">


14 thoughts on “Colourised photographs by Sanna Dullaway

  1. Reply David Haygood Jan 18,2012 3:12 pm

    The “Harvest of Death” color is wrong…That is a picture of Union dead at Gettysburg, I doubt that they would have been wearing “butternut” trousers.

  2. Reply Vivi The Mage Jan 18,2012 3:14 pm

    Haha, yeah…someone else noted that in a forum I posted this on.

  3. Reply Mose Jan 18,2012 5:37 pm

    Your mom wears butternut trousers.

  4. Reply Vivi The Mage Jan 18,2012 6:59 pm

    thumbsup my friend!

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  6. Reply matt Jan 19,2012 11:12 am

    This is awesome! They are so good!

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  8. Reply kim Jan 26,2012 5:35 pm

    these are realy cool

  9. Reply curmudgeon Jul 2,2012 8:16 am

    why does it seem like the artist had only one shade of “skin color?” all of the brown people are white.

  10. Reply Vivi The Mage Jul 2,2012 8:17 am
  11. Reply Shocked Jul 6,2012 11:44 am

    Why would anyone do this to classic works of art? No matter how talented the person is doing this, it’s tampering with the original artists’ work.

  12. Reply Vivi The Mage Jul 6,2012 11:45 am

    I can see that viewpoint, but as in all art, it is just a different way of looking at it.

  13. Reply Kali Jul 9,2012 1:44 am

    I ‘Stumbled’ on this and am so thankful I did! This is fantastic work! I’m so impressed and it just provided such a new perspective!

  14. Reply Vanj Sep 19,2012 12:28 am

    Wow-pretty nice photos! Perfectly coloured. Thanks!

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