My new siberian husky puppy

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Classic Photos of Celebrities 40

Some classic photo’s I got compiled up! I do not own these pictures, someone else had taken them…i am unsure who to give credit for, but enjoy! Jimi Hendrix & Mick Jagger, New York, 1969 [zp src=”image001.jpg” album=”blog/old_timey_photos/” width=”600″] The Beatles and Mohammad Ali, 1964 [zp src=”image002.jpg” album=”blog/old_timey_photos/” width=”600″] Martin Luther King Jr. and Marlon ...

Funny pictures set 2 – still photos

Just a continuation on set 2. [zp src=”ArbjP_BCIAAkJYw.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set2/” width=”600″] [zp src=”catroar.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set2″ width=”600″] [zp src=”dog-boop.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set2″ width=”600″] [zp src=”dog-food.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set2″ width=”600″] [zp src=”mcdonalds.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set2″ width=”600″] [zp src=”IzkfB.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set2″ width=”600″]

Funny pictures set 2 – funny gifs

Funny pictures set 2 - funny gifs
I took these from an ars thread, if there is interest, I can post a LOT more. We shall see…enjoy!

Colourised photographs by Sanna Dullaway 14

These pictures were posted on a few sites that are usually web sensed, so I posted them here. These are all done by Sanna Dullaway. I am just sharing! Abraham Lincoln [zp src=”abrahamlincoln.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600″] Albert Einstein [zp src=”alberteinstein.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600″] Alfred Hitchcock [zp src=”alfredhitchcock.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600″] The American Dream [zp src=”americandream.jpg” album=”blog/old-color/” width=”600″] Anne ...

Some Funny Pictures

I took these from an ars thread, if there is interest, I can post a LOT more. We shall see…enjoy! [zp src=”1.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”2.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”3.jpeg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”4.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”5.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”6.png” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”7.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”8.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” width=”600″] [zp src=”10.jpg” album=”vivi/funny/set1/” ...

Boxes with faces – photographs

My girlfriend works at Whole Foods, and always sends me these hilarious pictures of boxes, which are cut out to look like faces…hilarious….I dub these – boxes with faces! [zp src=”IMG_2500.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600″] [zp src=”IMG_2499.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600″] [zp src=”IMG_2501.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600″] [zp src=”IMG_2502.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600″] [zp src=”IMG_2503.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600″] [zp src=”IMG_2504.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600″] [zp src=”IMG_2511.JPG” ...

Awesome pictures from around the world 114

Someone sent me these in a chain email, it was horribly formatted. I also do not know who made the comments, or how accurate they are. I take zero credit in the pictures, I just wanted to compile them nicely for all to see. The world’s highest chained carousel, located in Vienna, the height of ...