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Issue with sociable plugin and Montezuma theme in wordpress

I love this new theme! I tried it, addded a few widgets, looks great. One thing I had an issue with was the sociable plugin throwing a bunch of little arrows on the icons, so I had to find a way to fix it.

Go to CSS Files and then content.css. Scroll down and find “Unordered Lists in posts and comment bodies”. There are two lines throughout there that add the arrows. Just delete them:
background: transparent url(%tpldir%/images/icons.png) -48px -84px no-repeat;
background: transparent url(%tpldir%/images/icons.png) 0px -48px no-repeat;

Any questions, let me know…will gladly help more if I can!


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I did this, and it solved the arrow issue, but the buttons are still an unusable mess. I can’t find anything at all that works for this theme — I’ve tried at least a dozen. It looks like your social share buttons have issues too. Thoughts?

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