Intel i226-v performance and interface issues with Intel NUC 13th generation

I have an Intel NUC 13th generation NUC13ANHi7 with the attached goritre GR-LAN-1785 i226-v m.2 interface to give it 2 2.5gb ethernet ports. It works great, except for some interface drops I would notice randomly on pfsense. Initially I couldn’t even get auto/auto to work on one port. I ended up going into bios and changing PCIe ASPM support to disabled and that solved all of my issues. Like in the picture below, remove the check mark, save settings and reboot.

As an FYI, you can get Intel NUC BIOS updates and latest drives from Asus’s website. Intel may have dropped the line, but Asus is picking up all support functionalities. They’ve released 3 different BIOS updates already for the 13th generations.

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