How to crack Windows XP local account passwords with a USB/Jump drive

I browsed the web, found a few failed attempts, and then found the one that worked great, and I liked. The only issue that i’ve seen is that it can only decrypt passwords less then 15 characters, but I have not tested that. Find a jump drive, at least 1GB in size (data will be ...

To the Minneapolis “The Hub” and back!

So I got my new bike, and had an issue with the new disc brakes, so we biked to The Hub and back. It was fun, even with the brakes holding me back a bit! [fitmap id=”48332434″ type=”ride”]

Error 1720 with Microsoft Windows Installer

I had noticed this error a few times when trying to remove programs. I specifically used this for Windows XP. Install/Download this : If that does not fix it, try and run a driver cleaner, like these : All you need to do with the cleaners is remove the bad install, and ...

Dell D620/D630 PCMIA slot stops working

Have you ever run into this issue? We have MANY aircards and ran into this a handful of times. The first time around we went through drivers, different PCMIA cards, etc. So we called Dell, that had no idea, and sent us out a new PCMIA card. I decided to install it myself, instead of ...

First Minnesota snowfall!

This post is definitely not PC related … the first Minnesota snowfall! This was taken with my iphone4, nothing special, just wanted to snap a shot…HDR on. [zenphoto src=”IMG_0540.JPG” album=”vivi/” width=”500″ /] [zenphoto src=”IMG_0541.JPG” album=”vivi/” width=”500″ /]

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade has started to film short 6-9 minutes clips of the authors/creators of Penny Arcade. If you’re a nerd, it’s great fun watching them go through their office, and watch them work. CLIFFS : 1)They work few hours a week 2)play games 3) … 4) profit