Dell D620/D630 PCMIA slot stops working

Have you ever run into this issue? We have MANY aircards and ran into this a handful of times. The first time around we went through drivers, different PCMIA cards, etc. So we called Dell, that had no idea, and sent us out a new PCMIA card. I decided to install it myself, instead of ...

First Minnesota snowfall!

This post is definitely not PC related … the first Minnesota snowfall! This was taken with my iphone4, nothing special, just wanted to snap a shot…HDR on. [zenphoto src=”IMG_0540.JPG” album=”vivi/” width=”500″ /] [zenphoto src=”IMG_0541.JPG” album=”vivi/” width=”500″ /]

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade has started to film short 6-9 minutes clips of the authors/creators of Penny Arcade. If you’re a nerd, it’s great fun watching them go through their office, and watch them work. CLIFFS : 1)They work few hours a week 2)play games 3) … 4) profit