idrac6 Unable to boot on Virtual iso file

idrac6 Unable to boot on Virtual iso file
I was playing around with an older idrac 6 server Dell R210 ii and discovered this when I was trying to run a memtest remotely. It was a simple fix, although I wish the error was a little more obvious. The fix is to go to: In the idrac 6 interface; go to system > ...


I ran into this after updating a few 2960x’s with build dates of 2015. I attempted to down grade and had no luck with fixing. The research I did found 3 reasons the error popped up. Besides the error message popping up every 5 minutes or so, it killed all ip routing, making the switch ...

How to import database through webmin

How to import database through webmin
This took some digging, but here’s the method to import a database (.sql extension) into your webmin. Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Server If the database already exists and you want to overwrite it with the contents of a .sql file (a mysqldump), click to select the database in the list. Otherwise, click to create ...

ssh to reset dell idrac ip address and other variables

I was working on something with an IP conflict, and then locked myself out of routing via the VPN, so the quickest way to do a fix, was to change the IP of my idrac via command line. Apparently, you can do almost everything through command line. First step is to get onto your idrac, ...

Issues adding passwords on MySQL 10 or newer

Issues adding passwords on MySQL 10 or newer
I was trying to create a password for a new user on a new install of webmin. I was trying out the latest everything, latest MySQL (MariaDB 10), PHP 7.3, Kernel running on Centos 7. But for some reason, when adding a new SQL user, I kept getting: failed : Password hash should be ...

Need a replacement for speed test by ookla?

I’ve been using, powered by Netflix and it’s been working great. I was getting annoyed with ooklas somewhat intrusive ad tactics and was looking for something a little better. works great and has a great little application door Android as well.

microsoft surface pro 6 battery bar stuck at 100%

You would think this is a good thing, but no, haha. It’s nice to know what your battery is actually at. While the tablet was logged in, I did this key combo, and that resolved it: hold volume + and power button for 15 seconds and that should fix it.

Having issues with pfsense booting or crashing on ESX 6.5?

I had just installed a fresh copy of pfsense on my HP GEN8 Microserver, and noticed it would not like booting up, sometimes. So I ended up removing the USB SATA controller, and that resolved it. Why? I am not sure…I remember reading that someone else had a similar issue before as well.

capital one 360 free $25 with new checking or savings account

I had signed up for capital one 360, and noticed with a referral you get $25, and I get $20 if you use this link to open a new checking or savings account with capital one! Seems like a win win. I signed up with them because they have a no monthly fee checking account, ...

AT LOTTO 8 – July 2016 47

AT LOTTO 8 - July 2016
NOTE: This is not endorsed by Anandtech, they have no legal obligations in this if I decide to screw you all over or something. BUY IN = $10 In the past some have put in more money, but let it be known, if we win, we will still all get an equal share. But we ...