Gaming Team Srdar

Blog post, meet “Team Srdar”

Back story on how I got “into” computers : I was playing starcraft in late 1998 that a friend so devilishly got me involved in…shit I must have been 11 years old at the time, but the tower tipped over, and stopped working. So, long story short, my little 11 year old brain had to fix it so I could get back at owning the Chinese. SO, from time to time, I might post some of my current online gaming triumphs.

Me (vivi the mage) and my brother (peez) have this on going joke that everyone runs from “team srdar’s”…because it’s technically true. We’ve made people leave servers, we’ve cleared servers out with our pure ownage.

peez “OMG, it’s VIVI, everyone run”
“peez exits the game”
“everyone on his team follows”
I get a free win

Hilarious, wish I was recording.
Something we did in Warcraft 3 3v3’s. Somehow he chanced on the other team and did this. That was the first “Team Srdar” moment.

BUT, our most recent ‘team srdar’ ownage was in Bad Company 2

[zenphoto src=”srdars2.jpg” album=”blog/gaming_ownage” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”srdars.jpg” album=”blog/gaming_ownage” width=”500″ /]

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