Landesk Operating System Deployment

Make Service Tag the Computer Name in Landesk OSD

We use service tags as our computer reference, and how we join our computers to the domain. I needed to have Landesk automate this for me, so I wanted to have ot pluck the information from BIOS. This is what I added to the script.

When you’re creating/editing your deployment script you need to make sure the $MAC is in the SysPrep options -> Naming convention :

[zp src=”osd-sysprep.png” album=”blog/Landesk/” width=”600″]

Once the deployment script is created, right click advanced edit (This works for XP and Windows 7 scripts, be sure to use corresponding line though)

[zp src=”osd-servicetag.jpg” album=”blog/Landesk/” width=”600″]

You will then replace the line REMEXEC34 with the following :

Windows 7:
REMEXEC34=ldrun tokreplw C:\unattend.xml COMPUTERNAME=%Computer – System – Serial Number%

Windows XP:
REMEXEC34=ldrun tokreplw C:\sysprep\sysprep.inf COMPUTERNAME=%Computer – System – Serial Number%

Copy over the new script into your PXE, and you should be good to go. This will automatically put in the service tag into the computer name.

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