Landesk Operating System Deployment

Make Service Tag the Computer Name in Landesk OSD

We use service tags as our computer reference, and how we join our computers to the domain. I needed to have Landesk automate this for me, so I wanted to have ot pluck the information from BIOS. This is what I added to the script.

When you’re creating/editing your deployment script you need to make sure the $MAC is in the SysPrep options -> Naming convention :

[zp src=”osd-sysprep.png” album=”blog/Landesk/” width=”600″]

Once the deployment script is created, right click advanced edit (This works for XP and Windows 7 scripts, be sure to use corresponding line though)

[zp src=”osd-servicetag.jpg” album=”blog/Landesk/” width=”600″]

You will then replace the line REMEXEC34 with the following :

Windows 7:
REMEXEC34=ldrun tokreplw C:\unattend.xml COMPUTERNAME=%Computer – System – Serial Number%

Windows XP:
REMEXEC34=ldrun tokreplw C:\sysprep\sysprep.inf COMPUTERNAME=%Computer – System – Serial Number%

Copy over the new script into your PXE, and you should be good to go. This will automatically put in the service tag into the computer name.

Landesk Operating System Deployment

Windows XP – Remove 30 second time with Landesk OSD

I kept running into an issue where Windows XP would add a 30 second boot time, and I disliked have to manually go in and change it after the computer was done imaging. So with Landesk OSD this is what I did to fix it in the script.

Browse out to: \\landeskcoreserver\ldmain\landesk\files
edit the file *.inf example file name : XPDeploy-ACCOUNTING.inf
add this line: Command6=”bootcfg /timeout 0″
you’ll need to change the Command6 number accordingly to how many commands precede already. I added mine to Command6