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How to burn dmg in windows 7

I got a 2006 Macbook Pro, which had 0’d out hard drive. So I wanted to get OS X loaded on to it. I found a dmg file that had OS X 10.6. Doing a quick Google search, I figured out I can easily burn the dmg file to be bootable.

What you need first is the application for your windows computer :

You can download the application from here :
or you can download the version I used here :

You then run it, and get a 15 day free FULL trial, so you can use all of the capabilities the software has to offer. If you like it, I always advocate purchasing/paying for great pieces of software like this.

Very easily open the application, click run, unless you paid for it. You then need to point the application to your dmg file.

[zp src=”1.jpg” album=”blog/mac/transmac” width=”600″]

Now select your dmg file, and then you have it loaded into transmac, very similarly like in OS X environment. It almost looks as if it mounted it, but from what I can tell, it does not actually mount it. You can then right click and burn (assuming you have a sizable DVD/DVD DL inserted).

[zp src=”2.jpg” album=”blog/mac/transmac” width=”600″]

Pop it into your Mac, and you have a bootable DVD from a dmg file coming from a Windows environment.

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Dunno why you wasted your money on a mac. I hate supporting these things, where is the printui.dll and the ease of scripting like whipping up a batch or vbs. Linux is pretty easy to make bash scripts but linux is pretty much terminal anyway. Making scripts for macs is another thing, it runs as a gui, so if you make bash scripts or terminal based things, permissions are always fun and games.. everything has to be done by hand ultimately.. Back to the topic.. This guide is pretty cool. I tried dual booting mac OSX on a PC but had to modify the dmg file so that I could install OSX onto a MBR drive. I didnt have any luck compiling it back to a CD to boot from, but I may have another attempt now, using transmac.

I bought it because I enjoy learning something new :). Scripting wise … I found .command file to work OK…but you are right, 100% terminal scripting is the way to do it in OS X. I have not tried dual booting, no need, gotta force myself to use OS X. I have Windows computers all over the place!

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