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Copying cPanel resller account to cPanel server with root access

So I was in the process of moving a users cPanel account from an old server where he only had Reseller access to, on to my server, where I have root access. Typically you can use the method of the built in transfer within cPanel, but it is required you have root access on both servers. Because of this, it makes reseller accounts tricky. We need to do the following :

On the old server, where you have the reseller, or shared account :

1. Login to accounts cpanel (or

2. You will then search for backups and hit enter

3. Now click on back up wizard option

[zp src=”reseller.jpg” album=”blog/cpanel/transfers/” width=”600″]

You can select wherever you would like to store it, but I prefer to jut SCP it right over to my new server.

on the new server, where you have root access :

1. Login to your server via SSH using something like putty

2. cd /home

3. wget

4. log in to WHM & /Backup Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file

Note that you do need to 0777 the back up file, or you will run into permission issues when copying (if doing the backup to HOME DIR).

If you want to re-assign the reseller account, you do need to go to the reseller central, and apply the accounts to the reseller that owns them now.

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