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The Best Way to Farm Act1 Inferno – Diablo III

1) start the quest “The Imprisoned Angel : Enter the Cursed Hold”

2) First take the waypoint to The Old Ruins and check for “Dark Cellar” which has a low chance to have a rare monster or treasure goblin. The chance has been nerfed from when it was being farmed regularly but there is still a chance and it is a quick Neph valor point if a rare is there.

3) Head to New Tristram, teleport to the Cemetery of the Forsaken.

-Once in the Cemetery, check the four possible crypts. Skip Development Hell if it spawns because named rares usually don’t drop anything anymore.

-Each Crypt has 1-2 blue packs and sometimes a yellow. Even when you achieve 5 neph stacks, still clear the rest of the crypts.

4)Next return to New Tristram and head north out of town into the Weeping hollow (or just head south from Forsaken Cemetery). You will continue by clearing the weeping hollow map. you should find at least 3 rare/chapion packs here. Also there is a chance for the Den of Fallen which will guarantee another 3 rare/champion packs and a chest.

5) Once you have cleared all of Weeping Hollow, teleport to Festering Woods. There are 1-3 elite groups o n initial map. Warrior’s Rest and Crypt of the Ancients have 1 guaranteed elite group each and you may get Last Stand of the Ancients event for another elite group

6) Use the waypoint to travel to “Highlands Crossing”. You may encounter a rare or named in the small area before the bridge. You will travel across the bridge into the “southern Highlands”. Here you will clear the map which normally contains at least 3 rare/champion packs and has a chance for a goblin. You will also be looking for the Moonclan Cave which will have at least 3 rare/champion packs and a chest in the 2nd level. Also as of the latest patch The Lyceum is now open which can be found here also which may contain 2 rare/champion packs

7) Travel to the “Northern Highlands” Where you may find 2 rare/champion packs as well as a chance at a treasure goblin and a random dungeon the “Watch Tower” which may also contain at least 2 rare/champion packs. I also went a little further north into “Leoric’s Hunting Grounds” for 2 more rare/champion packs and another goblin.

8) Once you have cleared Northern Highlands (and possible event), teleport to Halls of Agony Level 2. There are two elites in this area. Once they are killed, go to the door to the highland passage

9) In the highland passage there is a possible event in which you have to kill a named mob at the end. You will know right away if you have the event because there will be a quest giver. If you don’t have it, just go to the cursed hold.

10) In the cursed hold there are two elites packs + the warden. The warden is a straight forward boss. Once you are done, just go to halls of agony level 3

11) Once in hall of agony level 3 there are two elite packs. Kill them then make your way to the butcher.

12) Kill the Butcher and repeat as desired.

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