BUY IN = $5 – We kicked around the idea of doing more money, but I think we should get as many people as possible. I included a vote option in the form below in step 2.

In the past some have put in more money, but let it be known, if we win, we will still all get an equal share! But we will all thank you greatly for the extra contribution, and I will let it be known who was nice enough to bump it up (if you so wish, or I can keep it anonymous).

DEADLINE: Today Wednesday November 28, 2012
2PM Pacific
3PM Mountain
4PM Central
5PM Eastern


We win $250,000, 50 people bought in, we split $250,000 – tax cut / 50, so we all get $X,000. We’ll have to look into the tax issue if the amount is of a concern, but we can worry about that later. I am thinking I take the tax cut, and say we’re an anonymous group of friends who won. I will then divide it up how you like … I can mail a check, cash, MO, etc. We have options, but like I said, let’s not worry about it until we win 🙂

or split it pretax and you collect yourself and pay your taxes. If I recall someone said that was an option.

STEP 1 :

send $5 to paypal address : ENDED

If you would like to send as gift card that is OK too – ENDED

STEP 2 :
Enter your email address here :

This way I can keep track of everyone two fold, and then send a quick email once I get the actual tickets and we can split up the data entry work as we did last time. I will also update this blog post.

If you want to chat, post in my forums, it is pretty empty right now and open to GUEST so you do not have to log in for the time being :,14983.0.html



Going to pick up the tickets nowl.

We got $410, 82 participants, IF we win, I will accurately see who paid and get a real number and namelist. Not everyone put their name on the email list.



Purchased $430 worth of tickets, we had a few stragglers come in at the last second. Email sent, if you did not get it, go ahead and post and I will re-email. We do not want to post the google document link as it is publicly allowed to edit by ANYONE, who knows who reads this blog :shifteyes:

UPDATE : 11:30pm

We only won $20 🙁

50 replies on “AT LOTTO POOL 2”

in like flynn! going to bed now, but will keep up in the morning with the status! So far 6 people in after my first email wave … spread the word! Anand is still debating whether or not we can post a thread on it.

In for another round! If we win you will be god among men. If we lose you will still be cool! Thanks Vivi!!

I PM’d a lot of people, as did Rossman, and a few others. So far we’re at about 42 people.

Official word is Anand is not allowing us to POST about it persay, but we can talk about it on there kind of? Just no links, but you can PM them….so spread the word!

Yeah.. i’m in.
pal pay fee is 9% now?!
(5.45 charged)

are you in NY or near that state? Buy $10, get $2 free.
aka buy 5 powerball, get 1 free

Didn’t realize this yesterday but…Powerball isn’t in CA yet I threw in money as a CA resident.

Wouldn’t I be screwed if AT won any amount of money?

vivi, can you confirm that paypal is passing on gift fees to you? I was under the impression that gifting has no fees

In regards to PayPal I think I read on there if your account is tied to a bank account there will be no fees. If it’s a credit card, though, there will be 0.45 or something for fees on gifts.


I have a paypal verfiied business account, and I sent $5 as a gift. PayPal charged ME the 45 cent gift and charged ViVi nothing. Looking at my invoice, it’s probably because PayPal automatically selected “bill me now” for this transfer.

mount sent:
-$5.00 USD
Fee amount:
-$0.45 USD
Net amount:
-$5.45 USD

Not a big deal but just FYI.


yes, I guess if the winning is > $100 collect on my behalf. And if you scam me, I’ll post mean things about you on the internet.



Also, if we win some super marginal amount (2 bucks a person or w/e.) I vote we throw it into Child’s Play 2012.

Buncha AT’ers are matching donations so if we win $50 it’s something like $65 gain via childsplay.

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