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Bad Datacenter, Bad…

I was stumbling around the net, and came across a site that had some pictures up, in which they took in October of 2009 touring a Chicago Data Center. The company in question is FDC in the Chicago board of trade building. In the data center, there were two sources who took some pictures. A guy at as well as an anonymous source. I do not have any servers in this building, and this is one of many reasons why.

[zenphoto src=”IMG_2476.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”IMG_2473.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”IMG_2475.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”IMG_2476.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”2009-10-13+17.56.50.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]

They love their duct tape :

[zenphoto src=”2009-10-01+18.51.44.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”2009-10-01+18.51.50.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”2009-10-13+17.56.35.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]

This one’s pretty funny … a server running out of a cardboard box, hope it’s not mine! :

[zenphoto src=”2009-10-03 08.26.24.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”2009-10-03+08.26.31.jpg” album=”blog/bad_datacenter” width=”500″ /]

you can view the rest of the photos here :

I can only imagine the kind of problems they see in that data center. Rumor has it, that they don’t monitor power very well, and judge the consumption by how many outlets are open.

Here’s some pictures of our data center in Chicago @ continuum data center. Much nicer, everything is racked, and properly spaced out in their own cages. We have remote PDU’s where we can power cycle ports and properly monitor consumption in all of our racks..

[zenphoto src=”DSC04678.JPG” album=”blog/good_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”DSC04684.JPG” album=”blog/good_datacenter” width=”500″ /]
[zenphoto src=”DSC04682.JPG” album=”blog/good_datacenter” width=”500″ /]

You can view a few more here :

If anyone has any interest in rack space at the data center we run out of, let me know 🙂 … we’ll even do an FDC retreat discount 😉

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