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Dell D620/D630 PCMIA slot stops working

Have you ever run into this issue? We have MANY aircards and ran into this a handful of times. The first time around we went through drivers, different PCMIA cards, etc. So we called Dell, that had no idea, and sent us out a new PCMIA card. I decided to install it myself, instead of a tech this time. What I found out was that the ribbon cable (seen in the following picture), is actually coming loose. So if you push down on the left side of the palm rest (with the laptop off, the hard drive is right there as well, we do not want that spinning). That’s right the fix is :

Push down on the left side of the palm rest (with the laptop off), and it should make a connection. If you notice, the adapters naturally want to pull out of the little socket they plug into.

I later found out that this was a huge issue with D620’s, and with D630’s, they actually have a thicker pad between the palm rest and the ribbon…go figure!

[zp src=”d620_adapters.JPG” album=”blog/etc/” width=”600″]

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