Marware Eco-Flip Case for Kindle Touch review 1

So after receiving my new Kindle Touch in the previous post, I pre-purchased a nifty little cover for it, and here are some pictures!

It is a Marware Eco-Flip for Kindle and Kindle Touch Cover, Black

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I really like the case, it feels good in my hands. I like the back hand holder area. It feels like a very secure, and snug fit as well with the kindle touch inside. I also like the small strap that holds the case closed, It’s maneuverable so you can slide it behind the kindle when the case is flipped open.

What I think they could have added is the ability to let it stand up nicely on a flat surface, I read that the old covers had some sort of grippiness that would allow for this.

Either way, I like the look/feel of it!


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