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Unboxing Kindle Touch and First Impressions

This is my first e-ink device, and I was really pumped when I saw the specs for the Kindle Touch. I just received mine today as well! So here’s some unboxing and first impressions of it so far.

I purchased the Kindle Touch with Kindle Special Offers for $99. If you are here, I am sure you are already very aware of the specs, if not check them out on Amazon’s website : Linky Clicky

My first impression is that it’s very sleek, and the back is a bit gripper then I thought it would be. I thought it would be sleek like my iphone 4 is. It is also very light, I am surprised at that, and I think it will make it very easy to read for long period of time. Turning it on for the first time was pretty cool as well, it’s pretty dummy friendly. I turned the wifi on and got onto my WPA2 encrypted network and off I went.

The touch interface’d keyboard works surprisingly well, I was expecting it to be pretty rough, but it is pretty responsive. The only thing I kept bumping into was how I need to wait on menu’s to pop up/repaint. I am used to the iphone, but I am sure this will come to me quick once I load all of my books up.

Overall, I cannot wait to get it home and put some books on and start reading off of it!

The KSO version already saved me $17.50, because when I turned the Kindle on, and looked at the special offers, I saw one for cases/covers, and it was 50% off a cover I already purchased! So I hoped on live chat with Amazon, and gave them my code, and they refunded me $17.50, pretty awesome.

picture time!

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I will have a post to follow that will have my review of my new Marware Eco-Flip for Kindle Touch cover. Stay tuned!


added case review : Case Review Link

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