mobile iron root checker app for MDM Android 4

I wanted to use my rooted/unlocked nexus 6 on my companies Mobile Iron MDM, so I ended up having to relock and unroot. I still had issues with Mobile Iron saying my OS was comprimised. I went through a few apps, and it was still flagged. I contacted Mobile Iron and they said they had an application called root checker that tells you why it’s flagged.

This is the most recent as of today:

You have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ under Settings -> Peronsal Security -> Unknown Sources and install it.

Then you can run it and it will basically tell you what’s flagged.

looks like this was being abused, I was contacted by mobile iron to remove this. I am guessing someone used this to skirt around the lockdown. tsk tsk!


4 thoughts on “mobile iron root checker app for MDM Android

  1. Reply trincot Aug 15,2015 12:56 am

    Wow,this is great! You should post this on as well. Many will be interested in this, such as the creators of apps like rootcloak.

  2. Reply Vivi The Mage Aug 15,2015 1:16 am

    I actually did. Not its own thread but part of me figuring out how to fix my phone.

  3. Reply Georg Bende Jan 26,2016 5:01 am

    But the file is still accessible….

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