Google Pixel 6 Pro Case vs Pixel 7 Pro Case

I really disliked what happened to my Google 6 Pro Case that I purchased direct from Google Store when the 6 pro was released. So it has about 12 months of daily driving use on it. It slowly started warping on the edges and flexing everywhere. Then it started to peal away from the inner plastic case. It was a shame. I was a huge fan of the Google Pixel 4 fabric cases, and they’ve since discontinued them. The good news is the Pixel 7 Pro case looks much better.


How to get to Nexus 6P Recovery Mode

I wanted to wipe my cache partition via recovery, and this is what it took to get into recovery:

Power Down the Nexus 6P
Boot the Nexus 6P into Fastboot Mode
Once in Fastboot Mode, Press the volume Down Button Twice
This Should Highlight the ‘Recovery’ Option
When ‘Recovery’ is Highlighted, Press the Power Button to Select This Option
This Will Take You to a Black Screen with a Green Android Laying Down
From Here, Press and Hold the the Power Button, Then Press the Volume Up Button
When Done Right, You’ll Immediately be Taken to the Recovery Mode Menu


mobile iron root checker app for MDM Android

I wanted to use my rooted/unlocked nexus 6 on my companies Mobile Iron MDM, so I ended up having to relock and unroot. I still had issues with Mobile Iron saying my OS was comprimised. I went through a few apps, and it was still flagged. I contacted Mobile Iron and they said they had an application called root checker that tells you why it’s flagged.

This is the most recent as of today:

You have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ under Settings -> Peronsal Security -> Unknown Sources and install it.

Then you can run it and it will basically tell you what’s flagged.

looks like this was being abused, I was contacted by mobile iron to remove this. I am guessing someone used this to skirt around the lockdown. tsk tsk!