Corsair 600T – Full Acrylic Side Panel 13

So, after a few cuts of my acrylic piece, Bill, the owner over at, came over to my place, and dropped it off! It looks really clean, and it fits perfectly….without further ado : [zp src=”P1000125.JPG” album=”vivi/600T/acrylic” width=”500″] [zp src=”P1000121.JPG” album=”vivi/600T/acrylic” width=”500″] [zp src=”P1000123.JPG” album=”vivi/600T/acrylic” width=”500″]

Water Cooling an Antec 300 – Q9550 2

So, I have decided to water cool my Antec 300 case….which acts as my 24/7 HTPC workhorse. Specs : Antec 300 Q9550 2GBx4 DDR2 3 x 2TB Samsung HDD 2 x 2TB WD Drives (backups) Asus P5N-D I started with an RS240 XSPC kit, but found the pump to be far too loud and not ...