How to get rid of green flicker in BF3, and the theme change pop up

I ran into this issue, a lot. From what I have gathered, it’s an issue with running out of VRAM. If you disable the aero theme before you join the game, or start origin, that frees up about 100mb of VRAM, which seems to fix the green flickering.

It also, in turns fixes my other issue where the change theme popped up during gameplay, usually during intense fight scenes, where I do not want to get alt tabbed/minimized. This is how I do it, I turned off origin’s ability to auto start with windows.

1) Right click on origin and select properties
2) You then can select the top tab ‘compatibility
3) Under settings, check the ‘disable desktop composition’

This will turn the task bar a solid color, turning off some windows eye candy. Once you exit the origin application, or start up a new application, the compsotion comes right back.

This has solved my problems!

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