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Fresh AHCI install vs AHCI registry tweak

When I was running my AHCI vs ATA tests, I thought it would be a perfect time to see if a fresh install (factory image from dell) of AHCI is better then a registry tweak AHCI install (basically coming from ATA, without reformating with our stock image).

AHCI with registry tweak :

[zp src=”atto-ahci-samsung.jpg” album=”blog/samsungSSD/” width=”600″]

[zp src=”crystal-ahci-samsung.jpg” album=”blog/samsungSSD/” width=”600″]

AHCI after a fresh install :

[zp src=”atto-ahcifresh-samsung.jpg” album=”blog/samsungSSD/” width=”600″]

[zp src=”crystal-ahcifresh-samsung.jpg” album=”blog/samsungSSD/” width=”600″]

It’s interesting that dells factory image (fresh install) is almost slower performance wise! If anyone’s interested, I might have time to do a test from a fresh install (from win 7 DVD).

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