copy a file into all user directories via bat files for windows 7 or xp using a wildcard

I needed to copy one file into all of the user directories on computers. I ended up creating a for loop, print it, then use that list as a variable to throw in, worked great. This was one of the few things I could not find on google, so hopefully this hits a few keywords for people when they’re searching. IT IS POSSIBLE! This can be done in BAT, CMD, OR just dump it into a command pronpt changing your own directories/variables as needed.

REM this prints all users in C:\Users\ and then copies the EssUser.cfg file to the PartsDoc Dir
FOR /D %%G IN (c:\Users\*.*) DO xcopy /Y /H /R "E:\PartsDoc Updates\EssUser.cfg" "%%G\Documents\CLAAS\PartsDoc\"


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