Boxes with faces – photographs

My girlfriend works at Whole Foods, and always sends me these hilarious pictures of boxes, which are cut out to look like faces…hilarious….I dub these – boxes with faces!

[zp src=”IMG_2500.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"]

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[zp s[zp src=”IMG_2502.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"]p>[zp src[zp src=”IMG_2503.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"][zp src=[zp src=”IMG_2504.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"]p src=”[zp src=”IMG_2511.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"] src=”IM[zp src=”IMG_2512.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"]rc=”IMG_[zp src=”IMG_2544.JPG” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"]ly found this one on the net, hilarious.

[zp src=”boxes.[zp src=”boxes.jpg” album=”blog/boxeswithfaces” width=”600"]vit-google-adsense" id="vivit-884599086">


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