Fallout 4 mouse lag fix

I have not played fallout 4 in a while, but for some reason, mouse lag was still a problem as it was in fallout 3 and New Vegas. The fix is the same though. Navigate to here:

C:\Users\**USERNAME**\Documents\My Games\Fallout4

Use your favorite file editor to modify these two files: Fallout4.ini and Fallout4Prefs.ini If you do not have a file editor, try notepad, or get yourself notepad++ to enable yourself a lot more editing functionality.

You want to change line iPresentInterval=1 to be iPresentInterval=0

That resolved it for me, again. At least the fix is consistent!


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Nintendo Switch does not detect SD Card – Plug ribbon cable back in option

My Nintendo switch v2 stopped detecting my SD card. I was able to plug the SD card back into my PC and it was detecting OK. I am guessing my son dropped the switch, and I am out of warranty. So I took it apart to see what was behind there, I figured these connectors aren’t super strong, they are usually a ribbon cable. I was right, it was not connected anymore. Put it back in, and it was good.

If you think that might be you, here’s what it looks like to reconnect the ribbon cable. You can find numerous teardown videos to get to this stage, it’s only a few screws. One caveat, be very gentle with the screws, do not over tighten them as they are very soft metal. They will strip easily.

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Nintendo Switch static port for PfSense on its outbound NAT fix NAT D

This should resolve anyone trying to connect outbound with their Nintendo Switch when it gets stuck on NAT D when using a pfsense router. I am using version 2.5.1-RELEASE as of this guide creation. Doing this also creates no reason to enable uPNP either. This assumes your Nintendo Switch is using a Static IP, or has a DHCP IP reservation so you can keep using the same IP. But if you have not set up a DHCP static lease, see step 1, otherwise skip to step 2.

1. Set a static IP address for the device via DHCP static mappings

  • Status -> DHCP Leases, find the device, click + to add a mapping, set a static address, save, etc. I have an IP range outside my DHCP scope that I like to use for static leases.

2. Switch to Hybrid Outbound NAT

  • Firewall -> NAT, Outbound tab
  • Select Hybrid Outbound NAT, Save

3. Add Outbound NAT rule

  • Firewall -> NAT -> Outbound tab
  • Click Add
  • Set the console address as the source (Type = Network, then enter the IP address, pick /32 for the CIDR)
  • Check Static Port
  • Click Save

That is it, you should now have NAT Type B, which should let you play Splatoon 2, and connect to other Animal crossing users.

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How to add gold coins for eshop on Nintendo switch for physical games

I figured with Christmas coming, it might be a good time to add this. If you want to claim your eshop gold coins on physical games that you received, you can do so by going to the main Switch screen. Then highlight a game, press +, select My Nintendo Rewards Program, select Earn Points.

Easy! Enjoy. Remember they expire after 12 months of redemption.

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nvidia color settings resetting after reboot

I am using the nvidia settings to manage some color settings, and as of a recentish anniversary update for windows 10, it kept resetting every reboot. Luckily someone at Tom’sHardware found the resolution, which I am shamelessly posting here with source:

This issue is caused by the WindowsColorSystem scheduled task running at user logon. The NVIDIA driver hooks the user’s logon and then applies the settings, however, the Microsoft scheduled task that initializes the Windows Color System runs just after and loads the default color profile for the monitor (timing issue). Since I prefer to use the driver manufacturers’ control panels to manage my color settings, I disable the “Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsColorSystem\Calibration Loader” task.

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ncase m1 v5 and i9 9900k work great

I just built my new rig, and the temps are solid. When running a stock blend test, I am getting about 70-75C. I could use more fans, I am only running the two on the cooler, and 1 120mm case fan.

ncase m1 v5
nvidia 1080 gtx FE
ADATA SX8200 PCIE NVME GEN3X4 m.2 2280 960GB ASX8200NP-960GT-C
ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 (PC4 21300) AX4U320038G16-DB10
Intel i9 9900k
be quiet! dark rock TF air cooler
Corsair SF600

The only issue I had was some slight fitment with the be quiet cooler. I made zero alterations, but you can see it’s definitly a little tight with the Ram, as it’s pushing it a smidge. Not enough to worry me though. If I had lower profile sticks, it’d be fine.


STEAM and Darkfall Unholy Wars screenshots when pressing i

I noticed when I was playing Darkfall Unholy Wars it would alwyas screenshot when pressing i, even though my steam screenshot was set to F12. I changed it to SHIFT + F12 and I was good. People were recommended disabling the overlay, but I enjoy being able to chat with STEAM friends still, and changing it to SHIFT + F12 resolved it.

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The Best Way to Farm Act1 Inferno – Diablo III

1) start the quest “The Imprisoned Angel : Enter the Cursed Hold”

2) First take the waypoint to The Old Ruins and check for “Dark Cellar” which has a low chance to have a rare monster or treasure goblin. The chance has been nerfed from when it was being farmed regularly but there is still a chance and it is a quick Neph valor point if a rare is there.

3) Head to New Tristram, teleport to the Cemetery of the Forsaken.

-Once in the Cemetery, check the four possible crypts. Skip Development Hell if it spawns because named rares usually don’t drop anything anymore.

-Each Crypt has 1-2 blue packs and sometimes a yellow. Even when you achieve 5 neph stacks, still clear the rest of the crypts.

4)Next return to New Tristram and head north out of town into the Weeping hollow (or just head south from Forsaken Cemetery). You will continue by clearing the weeping hollow map. you should find at least 3 rare/chapion packs here. Also there is a chance for the Den of Fallen which will guarantee another 3 rare/champion packs and a chest.

5) Once you have cleared all of Weeping Hollow, teleport to Festering Woods. There are 1-3 elite groups o n initial map. Warrior’s Rest and Crypt of the Ancients have 1 guaranteed elite group each and you may get Last Stand of the Ancients event for another elite group

6) Use the waypoint to travel to “Highlands Crossing”. You may encounter a rare or named in the small area before the bridge. You will travel across the bridge into the “southern Highlands”. Here you will clear the map which normally contains at least 3 rare/champion packs and has a chance for a goblin. You will also be looking for the Moonclan Cave which will have at least 3 rare/champion packs and a chest in the 2nd level. Also as of the latest patch The Lyceum is now open which can be found here also which may contain 2 rare/champion packs

7) Travel to the “Northern Highlands” Where you may find 2 rare/champion packs as well as a chance at a treasure goblin and a random dungeon the “Watch Tower” which may also contain at least 2 rare/champion packs. I also went a little further north into “Leoric’s Hunting Grounds” for 2 more rare/champion packs and another goblin.

8) Once you have cleared Northern Highlands (and possible event), teleport to Halls of Agony Level 2. There are two elites in this area. Once they are killed, go to the door to the highland passage

9) In the highland passage there is a possible event in which you have to kill a named mob at the end. You will know right away if you have the event because there will be a quest giver. If you don’t have it, just go to the cursed hold.

10) In the cursed hold there are two elites packs + the warden. The warden is a straight forward boss. Once you are done, just go to halls of agony level 3

11) Once in hall of agony level 3 there are two elite packs. Kill them then make your way to the butcher.

12) Kill the Butcher and repeat as desired.

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FPS stuck at 50 in Diablo 3

I am not sure what was happening, but every time I would join a new game, hit CTRL + R (gives you ingame FPS) it would be locked at 50FPS, even with the limiter at 61, or even off. To fix it, I had to do the following :

For reference, I have an i5 2500k, 680GTX, 16GB DDR3, 256GB SSD.

Go to \Diablo III\D3Prefs.txt

Change setting LimitForegroundFPS from 1 to 0
LimitForegroundFPS “0”

I also reset LimitBackgroundFPS from 1 to 0
LimitBackgroundFPS “0”

This fixed it for me!


How to get rid of green flicker in BF3, and the theme change pop up

I ran into this issue, a lot. From what I have gathered, it’s an issue with running out of VRAM. If you disable the aero theme before you join the game, or start origin, that frees up about 100mb of VRAM, which seems to fix the green flickering.

It also, in turns fixes my other issue where the change theme popped up during gameplay, usually during intense fight scenes, where I do not want to get alt tabbed/minimized. This is how I do it, I turned off origin’s ability to auto start with windows.

1) Right click on origin and select properties
2) You then can select the top tab ‘compatibility
3) Under settings, check the ‘disable desktop composition’

This will turn the task bar a solid color, turning off some windows eye candy. Once you exit the origin application, or start up a new application, the compsotion comes right back.

This has solved my problems!