423 locked file when trying to update in owncloud

Client = windows 10 64bit, running 2.4.0 owncloud client. Server = Cent OS 7 running owncloud 10.4.0 server When I deleted a file in the sync directory, it is throwing an error on the client: 2/3/2018 9:24:58 PM,tools-keys-etc/software/CISCO VPN/vpnclient-winx64-msi-,E:\DUDES\backups-resume-drivers,Server replied “423 Locked” to “DELETE https://chi.swamp.xyz/owncloud/remote.php/dav/files/vivithemage/backups-resume-drivers/tools-keys-etc/software/CISCO VPN/vpnclient-winx64-msi-” Everything else is going fine. I also noticed though, ...

FDT 1080P HD FD8901 Review vs Motorola baby monitor

I purchased two of these guys for my two lil kiddos, as the second came, I did not want to pay $100+ for another camera in my Motorola baby cam setup. What I like: Picture quality is great local recording on movement works great 360 degree angles are awesome Night version works great movement + ...

Creating firewall rules for pfsense to block cameras from going out

Creating firewall rules for pfsense to block cameras from going out
I installed pfSense 2.4.1, to replace my Asus AC68U as my router, and purchased an Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO for my wireless. So far so good, but I had one thing I REALLY wanted done with this new firewall, that my old one could not, and that was properly blocking all traffic going OUT, except NTP, and ...

centos 6 multiple vlans with one eth device

The scenario I had was 1 eth0 device, and my port trunk’d to allow 9 and 10 vlans. I wanted to assign the full /24 to this box, using only eth0 and the trunk port in CentOS 6. This is what I had to do. in linux NEED eth0 and one VLAN’d CFG: cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ ...

history command with timestamp linux

I always find it easier when my history has a time stamp, you can coorolate a lot of things, like last, start/stops of services, who done it, etc. export HISTTIMEFORMAT=”%F %T ” This will work for the session, but if you want it saved for every log in add to respective bash_profile: ~/.bash_profile or /root/.bash_profile

Firewall Status: Enabled but Stopped in CSF with cPanel

I kept getting: Firewall Status: Enabled but Stopped in my CSF in cPanel. I am currently running WHM 11.40.1 (build 11) and csf v7.03. I tried just clicking start, no luck it would just flip back a few minutes later. So I ended up dropping to shell and running service csf stop iptables –flush service ...

how to disable RHN in linux – red hat or centos

What I did to disable it was go to: /etc/sysconfig/rhn and delete all of the files in it. If you want to re-enabled it after, you can just copy the files back, so you may want to copy them to a location you want to keep them at.

How to get external ip via linux command line

wget -O - -q icanhazip.com you will get a very easy looking readout example: root@madhost419 [~]# wget -O - -q icanhazip.com root@madhost419 [~]# or via curl: curl http://www.cPanel.net/showip.cgi

removing the limit of 100 rows in squirrel 11

Using the squirrel app: http://www.squirrelsql.org/ I had issues with only seeing 100 rows in a table. I fixed this by going to File -> New Sessions Properties -> Object Tree -> Contents -> limit rows. The default is 100, but you can uncheck it and you should be good. If not, you can also do ...

Could not open external command file for reading via open(): (13) -> Permission denied in nagios v4.01

I ended up getting this in my nagios.log, the fix was to change the permissions on the rw file! chmod 777 /usr/local/nagios/var/rw/nagios.cmd