Enabling “Unofficial Overclocking” in MSI Afterburner 2.1

I was looking for the proper way to enable overclocking in MSI Afterburner 2.1, and found a guide for an old version, but figured out how to do it in 2.1.

go to where your MSI Afterburner is installed, for me/default it’s :

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner
open MSIAfterburner.cfg with wordpad or notepad
There are 2 lines we need to add to :

under the line [ATIADLHAL]
We need to replace UnofficialOverclockingEULA = and UnofficialOverclockingMode = 0 with :

UnofficialOverclockingEULA = I confirm that I am aware of unofficial overclocking limitations and fully understand that MSI will not provide me any support on it
UnofficialOverclockingMode = 1

Save it, and you are good to go!

This is what it looks like afterwards … OC options open right up.

[zp src=”msi.jpg” album=”blog/etc” width=”500″]

Operating Systems Printers

0x00000006 error (cannot connect to server) when trying to add printers

Scenario :

Dell E6410 with windows 7 PRO trying to add printer(s) – HP, from server xyz, returns error : Cannot Connect To Printer, when you expand you receive this code : 0x00000006

[zp src=”printerror.jpg” album=”blog/etc” width=”500″]

What I tried :

Removing everything related to the printer in registry (F3 is your friend)
Adding other printers from other print server (this worked)
Re-adding computer to domain (was listed, but thought i’d try)

Rebooted after each attempt as well.

What finally worked :

Going to :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers\Client Side Rendering Print Provider\Servers
and removing anything related to the xyz server, and it worked, did not even have to reboot. Connected, and started downloading drivers as it is supposed to.

Hopefully this helps!


Looking to make a few bucks on your wordpress blog?

I was looking for a nice way to implement Google AdSense, well, I looked through about 6 of them, and found my favorite.

Quick AdSense by TechMilieu!

The guys at Quick AdSense are not giving me anything, nor do they know I am posting this. I just wanted to say what my favorite AdSense implementation plugin for WordPress was.

It allows you to easily put ads where you want, how you want. I especially loved the ease of widget use. I have it running on my site now, see for yourself!


Test your typing skills!

I found this site :, it’s a fun way of testing how quickly you can read, and type what you read. It’s not really a true test, because you do not typically type what you are reading, more of what you type is what you are thinking. This is the score I got :

[zenphoto src=”typingownage.jpg” album=”blog/etc/” width=”500″ /]

Now try and beat it :).

Operating Systems

How to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration for server 2003/2008

I get a lot of people asking me how to disable IE’s Enhanced Security Configuration, so this is how to do it for server 2003, and 2008.

Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration places your server and Microsoft Internet Explorer in a configuration that decreases the exposure of your server to potential attacks that can occur through Web content and aplication scripts. As a result, some Web sites may not display or perform as expected.

For Windows Server 2003 Users

The quickest way to remove it for Server 2003 is to uninstall it: Go to Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs, then click on Add/Remove Windows Components uncheck the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and click on next.

[zenphoto src=”2003server.png” album=”blog/os_stuff/” width=”500″ /]

For Windows Server 2008 Users

In Windows Server 2008, you have to click on the root folder in server manager. Then you scroll down to the Security Information Section and click “Configure IE ESC”. You can turn off IE ESC for Administrators and/or for users. The latter in a Terminal Server environment.

[zenphoto src=”2008server.png” album=”blog/os_stuff/” width=”500″ /]